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The ultimate goal of the Security University Security Awareness and Compliance program for Management is to educate management about what to look for to reduce risks that every organization faces from lapses in security. When bad things happen, its usually because our users simply didn't know better. Who can blame them? The moving target of computer security is hard to hit, even for seasoned security practitioners. Without good training that is continuously reinforced and updated, it is easy to get behind the threat curve and make mistakes.

Knowing how to get the most from your management team to create security savvy employees is the driving force behind this session. Not only will we share with you what makes security savvy employees, you will also learn how to influences their behavior. Your management team will understand the who, what, and where with regard to the threat of viruses, and other security risks. The clearly will lead the way for strong security management, and become the security stakeholders and champions for the enterprise. Downloading questionable software or opening attachments that they didn't request is no longer a threat when everyone is looking out for bad things that happen on your network. These are just a few examples of awareness reducing organizational risk for managers.

Class Fee:

$1,995 per attendee or volume pricing

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8:00 am -5:00 pm and networking


Herndon Va

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SU class textbook

Our Internet Threat Security Awareness Training and Compliance Program Includes:

The Security University Security Awareness and Compliance Program is a complete package that offers a combination of training methods. It is designed to introduce users to computer threats and demonstrate the steps that can be taken to avoid them. Organizationally, this has many benefits.


Basic Awareness Curriculum

We guarantee your staff will flood you with real corporate security concerns when the session is over!

Act now to manage your weakest security link into your greatest security asset. Reduce your corporate risk by training your managers and users by changing their behavior and create an organizational culture of security by empowering your users with security awareness knowledge.

Customize your computer security training to meet computer security awareness and compliance or increase the overall "security awareness" in your company, for a small fee attached to your training program..

Our instructors are passionate about security! Give us your staff and managers for a computer security awareness "eyeful" that will have them reacting to unsecured client sensitive documentation, stopping unknown visitors in the hallways, and be more enthusiastic about protecting your corporate assets.

Customized "takeaways" for your employees to practice safe internet security at home for secure remote access to protect your corporate assets.

Internet Security and Awareness Training quotes from recent sessions:
" the first 4 hours had me sqirming in my seat about how much I did not know" Heath Care IS Director

" Valuable information! Too much information in one day. I walked away with 3 pages of questions to ask my teams". CISO Financial

This Internet Security and Awareness threat workshop motivated me to provide an onsite for my team. There are so many changes we need to make, especially about the threat of trojans and wireless rougues" Alaska Health Care Director

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