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Wireless Certification Classes

Security University's CWNP program offers instruction in all aspects of wireless networking in a series of certification training courses. Beginners and experts alike will benefit from the quantity and quality of the program's information. The CWNP Program's four levels of knowledge and certification allow students to pursue as much knowledge about wireless networking as their profession requires.

CWNA Certified Wireless Network Administration
CWNA is the foundation of the CWNP program. Covering a broad range of wireless networking topics, CWNA brings IT professionals who are new to wireless networking up to speed quickly. For those individuals already familiar with wireless LANs, earning the CWNA certification fills in any gaps in their knowledge. Students learn how to administer, install, configure, and troubleshoot wireless network systems.

CWSP Certified Wireless Security Professional Class
CWSP measures the IT professional's knowledge of how to defend a wireless LAN from intruders. The material presented for CWSP will help lead to a successful implementation of a wireless network within an enterprise by educating the network engineer in necessary tools and processes available for securing wireless networks. Students will learn basic and advanced processes and techniques for keeping the enterprise wireless network data secure.

CWAP Certified Wireless Analysis Professional Class
The CWAP (Certified Wireless Analysis Professional) certification is an advanced wireless LAN certification, focusing entirely on the analysis and troubleshooting of wireless LAN systems. The CWAP learning objectives begin with the frame structures and exchange processes for each of the 802.11 series of standards, and then apply that base of knowledge to how and when to use the tools that are available for analyzing and troubleshooting today's wireless LANs.

Wireless Network Administration and Security (CWNA+CWSP) Bootcamp

CWNE Certified Wireless Network Expert
CWNE is the highest level of certification in the CWNP program. To earn the CWNE certification, IT professionals will measure their knowledge of wireless packet and protocol analysis by passing a written exam, and their practical knowledge of building wireless LAN solutions by passing a hands-on lab exam. IT professionals who earn the CWNE certification demonstrate that they have the most advanced skills available in today's wireless LAN market.