Center for Qualified CyberSecurity Excellence & Mastery

"Where Qualified Cyber Education Happens"

  Analyze Investigate Collect & Operate Operate & Maintain Protect & Defend Securely Provision Oversight & Development Acquisition & Program/Project Management Executive Cyberspace Leadership
Cybersecurity All Source Analysis Digital Forensics Cyber Operations Planning System Administration Cyber Defense Analysis Risk Management Info System Security Mgmt Acquisition & Program/Project Management * Executive Cyberspace Leadership *
Threat Analysis Investigation   Systems Analysis Cyber Defense Infrastructure Support Architecture Legal Advice & Advocacy
        Incident Response   Security Program Management (CISO)
        Vulnerability Assessment & Management   Strategic Planning & Policy Development
Cyber IT       Customer Service & Technical Support   Software Development Education & Training Acquisition & Program/Project Management * Executive Cyberspace Leadership *
      Data Administration   Systems Development Legal Advice & Advocacy
      Knowledge Management   Systems Requirement Planning Strategic Planning & Policy Development
      Network Services   Architecture  
      Systems Analysis   Technology Research & Development  
      RF/Teleport Operations   Test & Evaluation  
      Telecommunications Management      


* Acquisition and Program/Project Management and Executive Cyberspace Leadership have no specific specialty areas. However, these two categories have qualification data (certification/education/training) associated at the category level.

You can get more information about the Categories and Specialty Areas listed above on the National Initiative for Cybersecurity Education (NICE) website's Interactive National Cyberspace IT/Cybersecurity Workforce Framework. The two-digit code displayed just below each Specialty Area title above is the DON effort to align cyber work to the DoD Cyberspace Workforce Framework (DCWF) and NICE framework. Each specialty area has been assigned a two-digit code that will be used to update the Inherently Governmental and Commercial Activity (IGCA) code for each cyber related billet.

To see your qualification matrix, click on a specialty area in the table above. An explanation of the matrix is included below.

How to Use the Qualification Matrix

A COOL Qualification Matrix lists the required qualifications for a Specialty Area so you can see if you meet them all. The matrix has a worksheet mode where you can check off the qualifications you meet and then print the worksheet for your own reference or to give to a supervisor. It's not an official document, it's just for your own use.

The steps below explain the basics of using the matrix. Following the steps is an explanation of the items included in the matrix.

  1. Select your Specialty Area in the Workforce Model above. The Qualification Matrix for that Specialty Area opens in a new tab.
  2. Review the information about the Specialty Area at the top of the page, and then look at the Education and Training worksheet section, starting with the Qualifications Table. This is the section where you can review your qualifications.
  3. Click Toggle Worksheet Mode to display checkable boxes next to each qualification.
  4. Select your proficiency level to hide the other proficiency levels. (Doing so makes it easier to focus on the information that pertains to you.)
  5. Check the box next to the qualifications that you meet.
  6. If you want, print the worksheet so you have a reference you can take with you.

Explanation of Qualification Matrix Content

Following is an explanation of what is included in a Specialty Area qualification matrix.

Specialty Area Framework Category

The Specialty Area Category title (such as, "Oversight & Development") and description.

Specialty Area Description

The official Specialty Area description.

Example Job/Billet Titles

Example job and billet titles related to this Specialty Area.

Initial Training

A description of requried initial training for the Specialty Area—generally a high school diploma and completion of Navy "A" school (for Navy enlisted).

Education and Training

A list of the education, training, certification and on-the-job training (OJT) requred for the Specialty Area. You must meet an education, training or certification requirement (at least one of the three) and the OJT requirement.

Sampe Qualifications Table



Background Investigation

Lists any DON clearance requirements.

Continuous Learning

Explains any continuous learning requirements for the Specialty Area, which may differ from or be in addtion to the continuous learning/continuous education requirements of any certifications.

Operating System/Computing Environment Certificate

Lists any Operating System/Computing Environment (OS/CE) certificates required for the Specialty Area..

Sign Privileged Access Agreement

Will be "Yes" or "No," depending on the Specialty Area. If yes, a signed Privileged Access Agreement (PAA) must be on file.