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Q/ISP® Qualified/Information Security Professional Certificate Program of Mastery

What is a Q/ISP "Qualified" Information Security Professional?

A Q/ISP Designate is a person who has successfully passed Security University's Q/ISP online 125 question certification exam or the 4 Q/ISP classes (Q/EH, Q/SA, Q/FE, Q/ND) and passed each course exam with a 70 score or better and completed each performance based practical for Q/PTL, Q/FE & Q/ND.

The Q/ISP Certification vs Certiicate does not require you to complete Q/ISP hands-on classes - however to "validate" your security skills and use the "Qualified" Certificate Program of Mastery symbol as your trust mark, you will be asked to complete the Q/PTL workshop,  Q/FE practical (3 investigations with three reports from 3 different mediums & Q/ND practical - a complete VM with where you stand up a firewall, SIEM and write snort signature based on a new threat vector after class to validate your cybersecurity skills.

Q/ISP Certificate is obtained through Security University for the purpose of recognizing qualified individuals who have distinguished themselves as knowledgeable and proficient information security practitioners with validated and qualified hands-on tactical security skills. The Q/ISP certificate also provides THE only means of identifying and certifying qualified persons who subscribe to a rigorous requirement for maintaining their knowledge and proficiency in information security with validated security skills and practical experience.

Certificate Program of Mastery is awarded to those qualified individuals who achieve a prescribed qualified level of  hands-on information security experience, comply with a professional code of ethics, and pass rigorous examinations on the Q/ISP Body of Knowledge for information security. In order to maintain currency in the field, each Q/ISP must complete 72 hours of participation in a security related class, attend recognized subject-matter training and professional educational programs, presentation or publication of information security papers, contributions to the information security Q/ISP Body of Knowledge, or service in professional organizations. Each Q/ISP must acquire 216 CPE continuing professional education credits every three years. (72 credits per year)

In order to use a Qualified Q/ISP Trustmark the Distinguished Q/ISP Designate has validated and qualified their tactical hands-on cybersecurity skills by completing the Q/PTL, Q/FE, Q/ND Certification Practical's. After 2017 students who have earn a Distinguished Q/ISP Designate may have earn a Security+, CISSP or CASP credential.

Q/ISP Qualified/ Information Security Professional Certificate Program of Mastery Classes

1. Q/EH Qualified/ Ethical Hacker  
2. Q/SA Qualified/ Security Analyst & Penetration Testing Methods / Q/PTL Qualified/ Penetration Tester License 
3. Q/FE Qualified/ Forensics Expert
Q/ND Qualified/ Network Defender   


Why become a Qualified?

In 1999, Security University founded the first hands-on AIS "Advanced Information Security" Credential, renamed the Q/ISP, which allowed over 24,000 security professionals prove their tactical security skills and meet challenging practical experience standards in information security. Q/ISP is unique in the field of information security certifications because the classes and exams are performance based, testing both the candidate's knowledge and a their practical security skills validating the candidate's ability to take what they learned and put it into practice in the real world. Q/ISP Certifications are achieved from 4 week-long courses, or if you have the experience - from the rigorous 125 Q/ISP online certification exam.

A "Qualified" certification is validation an individual has met the Q/ISP tactical security standard and the only certification to provide assurance to employers that their people and prospective hires are validated in that specific security skill.

To accomplish this standard, Q/ISP goes beyond theory and terminology and tests the processes and methodology of tactical security skills of the information security professional.

Benefits of Q/ISP Information Security Certification for Individuals

The Q/ISP Certification and Q/ISP exam with Qualified Education Certification & Licenses are for IT & IS security professionals, Sys Admins, Security Auditors, Network Auditors, CISO's who are looking to validate tactical security skills to advance their career and increase their income.

All Q/ISP classes are instructor led by highly qualified Q/ISP security subject matter experts (SSME's) packed with hours of hands-on tactical labs with leading edge security tools and technologies setting the stage for your “Qualified” Information Security Professional credential. Once you have mastered the 4 Q/ISP classes & certification exams or passed the Q/ISP certification exam and practical's, you are “qualified” and have validated your tactical security skills of an information security professional.

Passing the Q/EH, Q/SA, Q/ND and Q/FE classes are NOT mandatory for taking the Q/ISP certification (online) exam. Contact for more information or call 1.877.357.7744.

The Q/ISP certification is awaiting ANSI's 17042 and NOCA compliance approval.

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You may ask... What does the Q/ISP Logo Represent?
Security University's Q/ISP logo represents the highest commitment for Security professionals in the world. It is a custom logo created to honor security professionals who aspire to earn the most valued tactical hands-on security skills training, certifications and licenses in the world. It shows you have earned "tactical hands-on security skills" and only a "certification".

The skull represents brains.
The ribbons symbolize integrity and honor.
The wings exemplify the ability to soar towards your true potential (and above the turkeys you work with).
The playing cards attest that you've mastered the security skills to win at mitigating security.

Security University has led the wave of tactical hands-on security skills training & certifications since 1999. From pioneering to establishing the highest standard in information security training & certifications for the past 10 years and still leading the way for security professionals to achieve tactical security skills to reach their career & personal potential.

Q/EH Testimonial
I have over 20 years experience in both teaching and information security. I am very particular about both and highly concerned with the decline in real training revolving around the current challenges which we face. I was honestly impressed with both the level of expertise and the instructor's ability to relay this information to the students. This is not simply another idiot boot camp but a well reasoned and directed classroom experience which prepares the student for the real world. I was impressed with the hands-on exercises. These combined with the instructor's elevated knowledge base made the class enjoyable and extremely topical. When you compare Security University to other training groups in the region, they are infinitely superior in both talent and developmental materials.

I think that Security University has the right mindset in the development of their classes. They are working to impart valuable knowledge and not simply to push students through. Whereas, I believe that any student could pass any applicable exam after attending these courses, the test is not the focal point. They deserve to be commended for both their mindset and the efforts that they've made to enhance the knowledge-base of their students. I sincerely appreciate my time learning with Security University and would recommend it to any organization which actually wants to develop real IA professionals.


The Q/ISP Qualified/ Information Security Professional Certification Program was nominated as finalists for SC Magazine's Best Professional Security Training Program 2009. Click here to view the press release.

From our attendees:
"Yes. Pls quote me, The instructor was great, he was very knowledgeable. I had CEH and CHFI training from another vendor and I did receive certification but I wish I had attended your classes instead, I would have learned much more." America 2008

Q/FE  Security Training Reviews

"I'm writing training reviews on my website: 
Overall, the best place I've trained is probably Security University."

- Peter Black
Security University Overall Score: 9.4

Since 1999, Security University is the leading provider of Hands-On Computer Security Education, Certifications &Training for IT and IT Security Professionals in the world.

All SU classes are CNSS-approved & SU is Certified to Operate by SCHEV and CH31 VA approved. All SU courses earn CPE's.