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Linux Skills and Linux Security

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SU's Linux Proficiency Essentials Certificate Program - prepares everyone to acquire the advanced skills needed to fill increasing shortages of workers in today's mixed IT environments. This class addresses the linux skills gap and the significant need for the technical staff to effectively support the organization's mission.

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This course is not designed for raw knowledge to pass a test; instead, it focuses on the practical need-to-know and must-know skills for everyday use, and learn to write scripts to perform useful, productive work that would otherwise be tedious or impossible. Writing scripts is where we glean significant power and capabilities of Linux. Therefore, this class fills the gap between raw information and the skill needed in a professional Linux environment. The coverage is not tied to any specific version of Linux.

Class Fee: $2,995
Time: 8:00 AM - 5:00PM
Location: Click here to view the class schedule
CPE Credits: 50
Prerequisites: Understanding of TCP/IP protocols

Method of Delivery - Residential On Ground
Method of Evaluation: 1. 95 % attendance 2. 100 % completion of Lab
Grading: Pass = 95% Attendance and 100% Completion of Labs and Practical
Fail => 95% Attendance and > 100% Completion of Labs and Practical

Who Should Attend:

Who Should Attend: System administrators, security administrators, security auditors. Unix box owners. Anyone who has a vested interest in keeping their systems from being compromised.

There is a major computer skill gap by a large majority of Linux users, including system administrators. This fast-paced, hands-on class will teach you how to write, secure and lock down Linux to protect a system from compromise. You'll learn how the attacks work and how to use hard-core hardening to defeat the bulk of them. You'll learn how to take your machines to a state of minimum necessary risk.

In contrast to some Linux courses, all of the topics, examples, and exercises work on all Linux distributions because this course teaches safe, orthodox techniques, with well-established generic tools that exist on all Linux distributions.

What You Will Learn:

The Linux Proficiency Course is a hard-core, user-oriented, learn-by-example class that encapsulates essential need-to-know user environment settings and productivity skills. It includes comprehensive topics in a workshop environment and it may provide a printed page of Linux summary and quick references. This course will bridge the technical skill gap in a professional R\&D environment. The participants can substantially increase their skills by immediately practicing the instructional material on a Linux platform.

Students will leave this class with the ability to:

Each student will practice the techniques learned on their own Linux system.

For more information on SU's Linux proficiency exam call 203-249-8364

For CompTIA's Linux Essentials Exam

The CompTIA Linux Essentials exam is a recommended, not required, or a course pre-requisite.