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The goals of eStudy is to help the students develop flexible knowledge, effective problem solving, effective test taking skills, intrinsic motivation which ultimately assists students with reading comprehension, content knowledge, or preparation for an examination. Working with the eStudy learning aide helps them identify what they already know, what they need to know, and how and where to access new information that may lead to resolution of the question. eStudy video help students continue to study and access "video study guides" for post class.

SU found that 76% more students (78% compared to 59%) scored Higher and were more Advanced in subject comprehension when using the eStudy iPads. Technology innovation is bringing change to the classroom and helping to extend learning to non-traditional students who make up the adult workforce. Yes, mobile devices are great for reading ebooks, PDFs, brainstorming notes, and doing web related research. Study shows the average test result from eStudy students using iPad mobile devices make efficient use of class time, score higher on their daily exams which they can track online, instantly strengthen their weaker skills and learn both thinking strategies and (increased) domain knowledge. This instructional tool is a post class tool when have left the classroom they can go back to specific domain from the class video to help prepare for their exam or use after they become certified.

Why Qualification Matters

The need for qualified, skilled and knowledgeable information security professionals has never been greater. Experience is the most important component of your value to an employer who needs something quantifiable and verifiable to show them you have the validated expertise they need.

Information security positions in Government and Industry are requiring certifications. Earning your Q/ISP means your have validated that your a "qualified" info sec professional. You can use the "Qualified TrustMark" on your resume to let people know you have validated your security skills with the most intense hands-on tactical security certifications in the world. You will have a higher earning potential and greatly expanded career opportunities with the Q/ISP certificate.

Your organization can also use the "Qualified TrustMark" on your proposals and RFI/ FRP's with 3 or more Q/ISP's in your organization.

Earning your Q/ISP certificate makes a statement about your commitment to CyberSecurity. You'll be recognized as an individual who is qualified to implement information security, who is knowledgeable, serious, and is a dedicated professional - a part of the globally recognized Q/ISP Qualified/ Information Security Professional family.

How we Help You
When it comes to educating and qualifying information security professionals throughout their careers, Security University is recognized as the global leader in hands-on tactical security skills. Our reputation has earned our Qualified certifications and world-class training programs recognition as the Only Standard in Qualified security skills education.

Your Q/ISP credential will open doors and provide networking opportunities at the highest level of information security, with the qualified support you need in today's information security industry.

Q/ISP Q/ISP® Qualified/ Information Security Professional CNSS 4011/ 4102/ 4013/ 4015/ 4016A
Q/SA® Qualified/ Security Analyst / Q/PTL® Qualified/ Penetration Tester License
Q/EH® Qualified/ Ethical Hacker Certification CNSS 4011/ 4012
Q/FE® Qualified/ Forensic Expert Certification CNSS 4011/ 4012/ 4013/4015 /4016
Q/ND® Qualified/ Network Defender Certification CNSS 4011/ 4012/ 4013/ 4015/ 4016A

Q/IAP® Qualified/ Information Assurance Professional
Q/AAP® Qualified/ Access, Authentication & PKI Professional
Q/NSP® Qualified/ Network Security Policy Admin + Services Oriented Architect (SOA)
Q/CA® Qualified/ Certification and Accreditation Process CNSS 4011/ 4012/ 4105/ 4016A

8570 / Cyber Network Defense classes
(ISC)²® CISSP® Prep Class & Exam
SSCP Systems Security Certified Practitioner
Security +
Q/WADQ/WP™ Wireless Certifications
Q/WP Qualified/Wireless Professional / CWNA Certified Wirless Network Administrator
Q/WSP Qualified/ Wireless Security Professional / CWSP Certified Wireless Security Professional
Q/WNA/Q/WSP Bootcamp Certified Wireless Network and Security Professional Bootcamp
Q/WAD® Qualified/ Wireless Analyst & Defender

Q/SSE Q/SSE® Qualified/ Software Security Expert Classes
Qualified SW Security Expert 5-Day Bootcamp
Qualified SW Security Penetration Testing
Qualified SW Testing Bootcamp (in-house only)
How to Break Web Security
How to Break Software Code
Fundamentals of Secure Software Programming
Qualified SW Security Hacker
Qualified SW Security Testing Best Practices
Introduction to Reverse Engineering


from date of your registration to 2 year in the future.. register for your SU class,
(CompTIA, CEH, ISACA, CWNP Exam fees are not included in $11,000 fee)

 Download the 2014 SU Qualification Security Roadmap

Q/ISP Certificate

This certificate is obtained through Security University for the purpose of recognizing qualified individuals who have distinguished themselves as knowledgeable and proficient information security practitioner skilled in hands-on tactical security. The Q/ISP certificate also provides THE only means of identifying and certifying qualified persons who subscribe to a rigorous requirement for maintaining their knowledge and proficiency in the information security profession with validated security skills and practical experience.

Certification is awarded to those qualified individuals who achieve a prescribed qualified level of  hands-on information security experience, comply with a professional code of ethics, and pass a rigorous examinations on the Q/ISP Body of Knowledge for information security. In order to maintain currency in the field, each Q/ISP must complete participation in research or study, attendance at recognized subject-matter training and professional educational programs, presentation or publication of information security papers, contributions to the information security Q/ISP Body of Knowledge, or service in professional organizations. Each Q/SIP must acquire 120 CPE continuing professional education credits every three years.

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