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Are you an IT security specialist interested in CASP certification in NVA?
SU is COMPTIA CASP approved!

By becoming trained as a CompTIA Advanced Security Practitioner (CASP), you can make sure your expertise in IT security will be put to use in helping companies secure their IT assets and safely continue operations.

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Class Fee: $2,995
Time: 40 hrs instructor led
Location: Click here to view the class schedule
CPE Credits:

40 - CNSS 4011, 4012, 4013A, 4105, 4016E /NSA-approved!

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Prerequisites: Understanding of TCP/IP protocols,
SU optional Q/EH EXAM onsite last day


CompTIA Advanced Security Practitioner (CASP) Course Outline

Domain 1 - Risk Management and Incident Response
Lesson 1A: Information Security Concepts and Terminology Lesson 1B:Risks Associated with Business and Industry Influences;
Lesson 1C:Risk Mitigation Planning, Strategies, and Controls;
Lesson 1D:Security and Privacy Policies, Standards, and Procedures;
Lesson 1E:Incident Response and Recovery Procedures

Domain 2 - Enterprise Security
Lesson 2A: Cryptographic TConcepts Techniques 
Lesson 2B: Host and Storage Security controls;
Lesson 2C: Application Security;
Lesson 2D: Network Security Components

Domain 3 - Technical Integration of Enterprise Components
Lesson 3A: Enterprise Storage Security Integration of Hosts, Storage, Networks, and Applications 
Lesson 3B: Integration of Advanced Authentication and Authorization Technologies 

Domain 4 - Integration of Computing, Communications, and Business Disciplines
Lesson 4A: Facilitation of Collaboration Across Business Units to Achieve Security Goals 
Lesson 4B: Selection of Controls to Secure Communications and Collaboration 
Lesson 4C: Designing and Implementing Security Activities Across the Technology Life Cycle

Domain 5 - Research, Analysis, & Assessment
Lesson 5A: Research Methods to Determine Industry Trends and Impact to the Enterprise 
Lesson 5B: Analyze Scenarios to Secure the Enterprise

Lesson 5c: Methods and Tools to Conduct Security Assessments

Why get CASP Certified?

CASP is designed for seasoned security specialists whose work deals with the day-to-day operations of an IT environment's security aspects. It takes what you learn in a CompTIA Security+ course and helps cement your expertise in this widely accepted standard for network security professionals.

Besides enterprise level security, you will also further develop skills in areas such as research, analysis, and the integration of computing and communications in a business environment.

This course is the perfect opportunity for seasoned IT security professionals to hone existing skills and build new ones in a wide range of security-related disciplines that will allow companies to carry on operations in safe and secure environments.

As businesses throughout the area and across the world become more connected and more reliant on IT, the need for experts to act as administrators is only going to rise with time.

Getting your CASP certification will ensure that your services will always be in demand, no matter where you go.