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SU Apprenticeship Program

Building a skilled workforce to help businesses and students thrive in the 21st century

What are apprenticeships?

Apprenticeships are a proven training model for growing and retaining a skilled workforce in today’s competitive business environment. This “earn while you learn” approach combines on the job training and related academic instruction to benefit both the company and the employee.

How Security University helps

Security University’s Apprenticeship Program partners with employers to develop tailored apprenticeship programs that result in your desired workforce outcome.

At no cost to the employer, apprenticeship consultants are available to guide companies through the registered apprenticeship development process from initial concept to full recognition by the Virginia Department of Labor and Industry and/or the U.S. Department of Labor.
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Apprenticeship Facts

Apprenticeships provide an efficient pathway to well-trained employees with in demand skills


Number of apprentices nationwide


Average starting salary for apprentices in Virginia


New jobs in Virginia by 2022 that will require advanced training and post-secondary education

Ready to get started?


Interested in starting a Registered Apprenticeship program? Learn how TCC's Apprenticeship Institute consultants can help.
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Visit our Apprenticeship Information for Students page to learn about apprenticeship programs and how to get started.
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