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The CISM® (Certified Information Security Manager) certification is the primary certification for information security professionals who oversee, manage, design and/or assess an enterprise's information security.

A One-of-a-Kind Credential

The management-focused CISM is a unique certification for individuals who design, build and manage enterprise information security programs. The CISM certification promotes international practices and individuals earning the CISM become part of an elite peer network, attaining a one-of-a-kind credential. In comparison to other certifications, CISM covers a wide body of knowledge and is recommended by the sponsoring organization, ISACA, that those sitting for the CISM certification attend a CISM training session.

For those subject to DoD 8570.01-M "Information Assurance Workforce Improvement Program," ISACA's Certified Information Systems Auditor (CISA) and Certified Information Security Manager (CISM) certifications are among those approved for DoD information assurance (IA) professionals.

SU's offers an intensive 72 hour CISM review for those wishing to prepare for the CISM exam. Our Bootcamp is specifically designed to cover the new material that is on the 2020 exams. Each student progresses through a number of skill checks to ensure knowledge is retained. The CISM instructors are certified with the CISM designation, and serve on local ISACA boards. Worldwide Recognition although certification may not be mandatory for you at this time, a growing number of organizations are recommending that employees become certified. To help ensure success in the global marketplace, it is vital to select a certification class based on universally accepted technical practices.


Class Fee: $3,990
Time: 72 hrs
Learning Level: Entry
Contact Hours: 52 hr Lecture 20 Quiz labs
Prerequisites: None
Credits: 72 CPE / 3 CEU
Method of Delivery: Residential (100% face-to-face) or Hybrid
Instructor: TBD
Method of Evaluation: 95 % attendance 2. 100 % completion of Lab
Grading: Pass = Attendance+ labs & quizzes Fail > 95% Attendance

Sample Job Titles:
Chief Information Security Officer (CISO)
Common Control Provider
Cybersecurity Officer/ Enterprise Security Officer
Facility Security Officer
Information Systems Security Manager (ISSM)
Information Technology (IT) Director
Principal Security Architect/ Risk Executive
Security Domain Specialist
Senior Agency Information Security (SAIS) Officer

This 72 hour accelerated class is taught using face to face modality or hybrid modality. Class includes 72 hours of contact studies, labs, reading assignments and final exam - passing the final exam is a requirement for graduation.

KU Outcomes

This 72 hour course is structured to follow the CISM review manual and examination flow. A full day is provided for each of the core competencies and associated task and knowledge statements, thereby ensuring a detailed and thorough coverage of all areas that will be tested. The fundamental thrust of examination is on understanding the concepts and critical thinking, not on memorizing facts. As a result, the course will be presented in an interactive manner to ensure the underlying concepts are understood and examination questions can be analyzed properly to achieve the best answer.



Grades - All students must ordinarily take all quizzes, lab, final exam and submit the class practical in order to be eligible for a Q/ISP, Q/IAP, Q/SSE, or Q/WP credential unless granted an exception in writing by the President. Know that Q/ISP classes draws quite the spectrum of students, including "those less comfortable," "those more comfortable," and those somewhere in between. However, what ultimately matters in this course is not so much where you end up relative to your classmates but where you end up relative to yourself in on Friday of class. The course is graded as a pass or fail solely on your attendance and participation. Those less comfortable and somewhere in between are not at a disadvantage vis-à-vis those more comfortable.

Books - SU sends you the CISM recommended for this course. You may want to supplement your preparation for or review of some lectures with self-assigned readings relevant to those lectures' content from either of the books below.