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How do I check my exam score - contact us @ 1-877-357-7744 and we will get you access to your exam scores located at TesTrac

How do I get a transcript copy for my boss? contact us @ 1-877-357-7744 - SUT does not have transcripts for Qualification Certs.

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Doc1 SUT Candidate Handbook 2013 V1.1.pdf

Doc1.1 Amendment to the existing SUT CPE Effective 1st January 20117.2013.pdf

Doc3 Candidate Certification Agreement Form V5 Fillable.pdf

Doc4 SUT Application Endorsement Form 2013v11 Fillable.pdf

Doc9 SUT Code of Ethics and Professional Conduct Form Fillable.pdf

Doc12 Privacy Statement for Data Collected Online SUT.pdf

Doc13 Student Qualification Certification Log Fillable.pdf

Doc13.1 Student Renewal Qualification Certification Log Fillable.pdf

Doc14 SUT Grievance or Complaint Policy Fillable.pdf

Doc41 SUT EthicsComplaint Fillable.pdf

Doc44 SUT Proctor Policy and Retake Policy Fillable.pdf

Doc45 SUT Certification Policies and Procedures Manual Modification and Training Log fillable.pdf

Doc49.1 SUT Notice to Student ANSI Complaint Procedures fillable.pdf

Doc51 SUT AdultVolunteerForm fillable.pdf

Doc53 SUT AdultParticipationFormFillable.pdf

Doc57 SUT Exam Board Volunteer Application Fillable.pdf

Doc58 ADA Accommodation Request Form fillable.pdf