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Cyber Resilience

Building a Dynamic Defense Against a Growing Threat… Read More

A Global Outlook on Cyber Power

As governments and businesses strive to remain competitive in a cyber era, the Economist Intelligence Unit, sponsored by Booz Allen Hamilton, set out to understand the importance of cyber power today. … Read More

Booz Allen Cyber Solutions Network

It Takes a Network to Defend a Network… Read More

Cyber Solutions Network Brochure

It takes a network of cyber resources to defend a network, which is why the Booz Allen Cyber Solutions Network offers clients access to thousands of cyber experts, proven technologies, and the latest training resources, available at any time, from any location.… Read More

Standards, Increased Communication Essential To Preventing Cyber Attacks

Roundtable Discussion Hosted by Georgetown McDonough and Booz Allen Hamilton Yield Recommendations for Addressing Cyber Threats. … Read More

The Fire Within

Booz Allen Executive Vice President Mark Gerencser articulates methods graduates can use to ignite their careers with passion and imagination in a commencement address to UMUC on April 14 th , 2012.… Read More

Defending Against Cyber Espionage

Fighting a rapidly growing threat to economic and national security… Read More

Mike McConnell on Cybersecurity and Mitigating Vulnerabilities

Booz Allen Vice Chairman Mike McConnell spoke with genConnect at the 2012 Aspen Ideas Festival about America's cybersecurity defenses and the state of the nation's intelligence program. … Read More

Intelligence-Driven Security: Interactive Viewpoint

Minimize Risk by Mastering the Motives, Strategies, and Tactics of Your Cyber Adversaries… Read More

Using Booz Allen's Cloud-Based Services to Save Lives and Improve Healthcare

The rapid adoption of electronic health records has created an enormous opportunity to improve patient care, by generating a wealth of data that can be sifted through and examined.… Read More