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CJ Howell, Pentagon - "I can say this course was really a treat! KEN BROUGHT REAL WORLD EXPERIENCE TO THE CLASS AND HE HAS A WONDERFUL PERSONALITY. I really enjoyed this course and in the near future I need continuing education courses I would consider taking classes at this installation!"

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Andy's iPad eStudy CISSP® Story

"Hi Sondra, ( CEO Security University)  I just thought I'd follow up with an even bigger thank you for the Security University CISSP® Prep/ iPad training program.   I know that even after having an audio training program in my car and having read the entire CISSP® book that I would not have passed without your eStudy tool.   (This was reinforced by my lousy scores on the practice test)  Mr. Cutler was a great instructor and coupled with the iPad and eStudy, e-book resources provided, review sheets, and the 11th hour guide Ken recommended, it all turned the trick.  You can add my name to your list of "Passed the first time" students.

cissp class Easy to understand, 5-day CISSP® Training curriculum with intense (daily) online quizzes ensure you conquer the 10 domains and successfully pass the CISSP® exam the first time. Pass the first time, OR return for FREE!
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The SU CISSP® Training class is for information security professionals who want to pass the rigorous six-hour Certified Information Systems Security Professional [CISSP® ] examination. This SU CISSP® Training program offers each student a zero-distraction, fully-immersed CISSP® CBK training and certification experience that employs accelerated learning techniques to minimize time-to-proficiency while maximizing retention.

Remember, SU CISSP® Training Classes offers the finest Training available in information security. Anywhere.

Why Security University? SU is internationally recognized, respected by the information security community at large, and well-received by employers. And for good reason, 98% of our students pass the exam on their first try. If you don't, come back to class for FREE

  • You are taught by highly qualified, very well known CISSP® Mr. Ken Cutler (Former CISO AMX)
  • More CISSP's pass the first time with SU after the intensive 5 day Training class
  • Accelerated learning techniques to focused on long term information retention
  • Mind Maps for each domain
  • Multiple daily quizzes - from SU's Free Practice Tests
  • Guarantees the highest quality of education and customer satisfaction or return for free

You will learn more. Effectively. Efficiently.

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Class Price: $1,995 - $4,000
iPad and EXAM INCLUDED for additional class fee

5,000+ quiz questions!
Time: 7:45am -5pm M-F
Location: check schedule
Prerequisites: knowledge of TCP/IP protocols
CPE Credits: 40
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Instructor: CISSP, Q/EH, CISM, Security + Qualified
Method of Delivery - Residential On Ground
Method of Evaluation: 1. 95 % attendance 2. 100 % completion of Lab
Grading: Pass = 95% Attendance and 100% Completion of Labs and Practical
Fail => 95% Attendance and > 100% Completion of Labs and Practical

Where Qualified Happens!

What places Security University's CISSP® training above all others?

  1. Ken Cutler is the ONLY CISSP Instructor with REAL World experience as a CISO (AMX) SU Student success is our only concern. We guarantee it. SU's Free Practice Quizzes are fresh, directly relate to each domain and CURRENT! Our daily quizzes and course materials are always updated with the latest information on the exam objectives. Robust course materials that cater to your individual learning styles for a successful learning experience. Build your “personal” exam prep guide based on what you need to know to pass the exam the first time. Expert mentoring by CIO's and veteran security professionals before and after class guides you to success. You success increases with hands-on Quizzes to engage U in materials, then quiz again is the secret to your exam success.
  2. 100+ retired exam questions to familiarize you with the exam style.

What You Will Learn:
Tips for taking the exam & SU Pre-class Study Techniques

Domain 1 – Security and Risk Management
•  Information Security Concepts and Objectives
•  Governance and Organizational Roles
•  Laws, Regulations, and Compliance
•  Professional Ethics
•  Risk Management and Analysis – Threats, Risks, and Countermeasures
•  Business Continuity Planning – Business Impact Analysis
•  Human Resources (Personnel) Security
•  Security Awareness and Training
•  Professional Ethics
•  Information Security Policies, Standards, Procedures, Baselines, and Guidelines
•  Security Awareness, Training, and Education

Domain 2 - Asset Security
•  Information Classification and Ownership
•  Access Control Requirements
•  Information Security and Audit Frameworks
•  Protection of Privacy
•  Data Marking, Handling, Retention, and Disposal…

Domain 3 - Identity and Access Management
•  Access Control Concepts
•  User Identification, Authentication, and Session Protection
•  Single/Reduced Sign-on and Federation
•  Information Access Control Authorization Systems
•  Directory Management of Identity and Access Control Information
•  Attacks on Access Controls
•  Access Control Management

Domain 4 – Security Engineering
•  Security Engineering – Architecture:
•  Security Design and Capabilities
•  Information Security Models
•  Security Evaluation Models (Criteria)
•  Security Engineering – Distributed Computing:
•  Client/Server
•  Web Application Security
•  Database Security
•  Virtualization Security
•  Cloud Computing Security
•  Mobile Device Security
•  Security Engineering – Cryptography:
•  Cryptography Methods and Algorithms
•  Public Key Infrastructure
•  Security Engineering - Physical Security:
•  Facilities Protection and Access Control
•  Environmental Safeguards

Domain 5 – Communication and Network Security
•  Fundamental Network Concepts and Architectures
•  Network Device Management and Security
•  Network User Authentication
•  Network Perimeter Security
•  Securing Communications Channels
•  Wireless Network Security
•  Voice Communications Security
•  Network Attack Identification and Mitigation

Domain 6 – Software Development Security
•  Software Lifecycle Development Methodologies
•  Security in Software Design and Testing
•  Software Change Control and Configuration Management
•  Security Considerations for Commercial Off-The-Shelf Software
•  Artificial Intelligence

Domain 7 - Physical (Environmental) Security
•  Security Operations – General:
•  Operations and Administrative Controls
•  Change and Configuration Management
•  Operating and Maintaining Preventive Measures
•  Patch and Vulnerability Management
•  Security Operations – Incident Management:
•  Incident Response
•  Understanding and Supporting Investigations
•  Event Logging and Monitoring Activities
•  Security Operations – Business Continuity:
•  Backup and Fault Tolerance
•  Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery

Domain 8 - Operations Security
•  Security Assessment and Testing Strategies
•  Conducting Security Control Testing
•  Collecting and Analyzing Security Process Data
•  Conducting or Facilitating Independent Security Audits

Mr. KEN CUTLER - SU Director for CISSP® & Security+ Training - check out the video's below!

8570 SU CISSP® Training classes
instructor led class
1+ @ $2,495 for 2 students / All CISSP classes are instructor led on-site at Security University
Awesome student success rate!

CISSP Class w/ estudy /free practice quizzes/ no iPad- $1,995
CISSP Class w/ estudy no iPad + exam - $2,600
CISSP Class w/ estudy iPad - $2,700
CISSP Class w/ estudy iPad + exam - $3,300
CISSP Class w/ estudy iPad + video - $3,495
CISSP Class w/ estudy iPad + video + exam - $4,000
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eStudy - online quizzes and resource

The eStudy online quizzes help students develop flexible knowledge, effective problem solving, effective test taking skills, intrinsic motivation which ultimately assists students with reading comprehension, content knowledge, or preparation for an examination. Working with the eStudy learning aide helps them identify what they already know, what they need to know, and how and where to access new information that may lead to resolution of the question. eStudy video helps students continue to study and access "video study guides" for post class.

Certification CISSP® (Certified Information Systems Security Professional) Certification is based on the CBK (Common Body of Knowledge), which comprises ten subject domains that are compiled and maintained through ongoing peer review by subject matter experts.

CISSP® candidates must meet the following requirements prior to taking the CISSP examination:
• Have a minimum of five years of direct full-time security professional work experience in two or more of the ten domains of the (ISC)2® CISSP CBK®, or four years of direct full-time security professional work experience in two or more of the ten domains of the CISSP CBK with a college degree. Alternatively there is a one-year waiver of the professional experience requirement for holding an additional credential on the (ISC)2-approved list.
• Complete the Candidate Agreement, attesting to the truth of his or her assertions regarding professional experience and legally commit to adhere to the (ISC)2 Code of Ethics.
• Successfully answer four questions regarding criminal history and related background

CISSP® is a registered trademark of (ISC)²®
SU CISSP® Prep classes are not endorsed, sponsored or delivered by (ISC)²®.

CISSP® is a registered trademark of (ISC)²® Inc (International Information Systems Security Certification Consortium) Inc. The materials for the Security University classes have been developed specifically for SU and are not endorsed, sponsored or delivered by (ISC)²®. The goal of the course is to prepare security professionals for the CISSP® exam by covering the ten domains defined by (ISC)²®.

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