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Security University Mission Statement

The mission of Security University is striving to provide our students with the highest quality information security education available through our CyberSecurity, Information Security, and Information Assurance Certification training for IT Security Professionals Worldwide.

Since 1999, Security University has led the professional security education industry in hands-on computer security training & education. SU was the first to deliver "penetration testing" classes, first to qualify and validate students security skills based on a performance based practical. SU's SUT (Security University Testing) company is the first online certification testing company that provides IT & IS professionals a complete hands-on computer security curriculum to secure infrastructures to qualify and validated security professional tactical security skills.

SU is a non-degree granting institution that offers short avocational courses for professional development for network, assurance, secure coders, and wireless IT security professionals. SU advertises multiple highly “qualified "certification credentials from SUT (Security University Testing) called Q/ISP, Q/IAP, Q/SSE. Students can take one class or many classes depending upon their particular interest or the requirement needed to earn a specific certification credential for employment. A student does not need to attend any classes to earn the SUT credential, but must pass the specific certification exam and practical in order to apply for the SUT Qualified SUT credential. As an example to earn one of the SUT Q/ISP Certificate of Mastery Credential a student must complete a three-hour vulnerability assessment and deliver a fully executed report.