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Security University Mission Statement

The mission of Security University is striving to provide our students with the highest quality information security education available through our CyberSecurity, Information Security, and Information Assurance Certification training for IT Security Professionals Worldwide.

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Since 1999, Security University has led the professional security education industry in hands-on computer security training & education. Sondra Schneider President and Founder of Security University was the first internet professional hired at ATT in 1991 to build what became the internet. Marc Anderson had not created the browser yet, wallest side technology did not exist - after all, AOL had not been created yet. After working for Datapoint (the company that created the 8088 chip and sold the technology to Intel) and MFS DataNet - the company who provided bandwidth for AOL, PSINet, Mindspring, Earthlink, Prodigy to build the first fiber backbone, today's Internet highway. The story is simple Sondra worked at communications carrier and met a guy while skiing in VT from BBN (Bolt, Beranek Newman) who had a firewall. Sondra saw the need and installed the first commercial firewall to protect ATT's first internet client 1800 Flowers in 1994. In 1996 Sondra developed hands-on performance based classes to teach what is a "security testing tool" IE Qualified Ethical Hacker and Qualified Security Analyst with performance based "penetration testing" classes to teach live classes to learn the process and methodolgy of security analysis. Way back in 1999 to present, SU started qualifying students using rigious hands-on performance based skills verification to qualify and validate student's security skills during 3 hour live assessment practicums. Which could take as much as 72 hours to complete.

When DoD wanted exams to certify cyber skills Sondra created Security University Testing (SUT) a non-profit company created to deliver online cybersecurity certification tests. SUT provides IT & IS professionals a complete hands-on computer security curriculum test process to ensure a students knows how to secure IT infrastructures using tactical cybersecurity skills.

SU is GI Bill approved, the 1990 Perkins Act defines vocational education as "organized educational programs offering a sequence of courses which are directly related to the preparation of individuals in paid or unpaid employment in current or emerging occupations requiring other than a baccalaureate or advanced degree."
Security University (SU) "Center for Qualified CyberSecurity Excellence & Mastery" is a WOSB (woman owned small business) leading provider of qualified hands-on performance based validated cybersecurity certificate programs and certification education and training in the world. SU courses and qualified cybersecurity certificate programs of mastery are designed to provide a plan to reach your cybersecurity vocational objective through an immersive learning experience -- from hands-on workshops, certifications, with deep dives on a particular topic or technology.

Every class is structured to give you expertise in critical areas that you can immediately put to use. With over 50 classes to choose from, these 72 hour sessions allow you to pick a variety of vocational objectives that lead to 5 cybersecurity certificate programs across different cyber topics and technologies letting you build a personal cybersecurity certificate program that suits your cybersecurity objectives.
Since 1999, Security University has led the professional security education industry in hands-on computer security training & education. SU was the first to deliver "penetration testing" classes, first to qualify and validate students security skills based on a performance based practical. SU's SUT (Security University Testing) company is the first online certification testing company that provides IT & IS professionals a complete hands-on computer security curriculum to secure infrastructures to qualify and validated security professional tactical security skills.

SU is a non-degree granting institution of higher education that offers short 5 day instructor led vocational courses for cyber security certificate programs of mastery and professional development for network, assurance, secure coders, and wireless IT security professionals. SU advertises multiple highly “qualified "certification credential micro badges from SUT (Security University Testing) under the Q/ISP, Q/IAP, Q/SSE Q/CND Certificate Programs of Mastery.

Students can take one cyber security class or many classes of a certificate program of mastery depending upon their particular interest, certificate program or the requirement needed to earn a specific certificate or certification credential for employment. A student does not need to attend any classes to earn the SUT certification credential, but must pass the specific certification exams and practicals to apply for a SU Qualified credential. As an example to earn one of the SU Q/ISP Certificate Program of Mastery Credential a student must complete the Q/EH exam, the Q/SA exam and three-hour vulnerability assessment and deliver a fully executed report within 2 weeks, complete and pass the Q/FE exam and practical, complete and pass the Q/ND exam and practical before applying for the Q/ISP Certificate Program of Mastery. Questions? call 203-249-8364

SU Loans, Financial Aid, Tuition Assistance, Cancellation and Class Tuition Refund Policy.
SU does not provide financial aid or student loan programs for tuition assistance or scholarships at this time. Student should contact a local banks for student loans from a bank. Grants – from time to time SU’s partners are awarded grants to fund one or 2 classes at a reduced rate. Please check with the School President to see what may be available for your situation. . Cyber class and certification Scholarships may be available from your local workforce office, contact them today.