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Amendment to the existing SUT CPE Effective 1st January 2013

As SUT's Q/ISP Qualification/ Certification Accreditation program looms on the horizon, the CPE program has been refined and will begin after SUT is granted ANSI Accreditation 2013. The Q/ISP certification renews individuals after 4 years (one for each Q/EH, Q/SA-Q/PTL, Q/FE, Q/ND credential). Once the Q/ISP Qualification Certification is ANSI Accredited (after waiting 3 years for unknown DoD reasons), individuals will have the option to maintain their credentials using a CPE's Certification Performance Education Measurements. This program increases the options available to individuals, with a focus on demonstrating ongoing competence through continued training, OTJ training or case review. SU CPE measurements will ALWAYS match other programs ISC 2 , GIAC CMU, EC-Council and ISACAs hours. This is to ensure an individual never has to dulpicate efforts to support qualification/certifications.

Each Q/ISP Qualification/ Certification remains valid for 4 years, which means you have worked hard enough to earn the Q/ISP and the first 4 years your Qualified there no further action from you. In year 5 the qualification renewal process will begin whereby you will be required to demonstrate cybersecurity hands-on skills mastery/ competency. SUT introduced the Qualification/ requalification process in 2010. Since then students attending SU participate in the CPE Certification Performance Education by completing 30 hours of recorded activities per year, 120 credits every 3 years. These credits can be the same credits as Approved CompTIA, SANS, ISC 2 , ISACA and EC-Council credits.

SUT emails students after class and annually for evaluations and feedback on SUT procedures and processes. Effective January 1, 2013 SUT requires an email of activity if not enrolled in SU classes to ensure continuous cybersecurity education.

The revised listing below thank you for your help in continued assessment for improvement.