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"For Important Student Information and Polices Affecting Students Go to the Security University website home page at and go to the ‘For Student’ link for a listing of such policies. Students having any difficulties with access to the Security University website should stop by the SU office to get such information"

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Enrollment Requirements

STUDENT ENTRANCE REQUIREMENT In order to be admitted as a student at Security University, a student must demonstrate sufficient knowledge of the Transmission Control Protocol/Internet Protocol (TCP/IP). TCP/IP is the language a computer uses to access the Internet. It consists of a suite of protocols designed to establish a network of networks to provide a host with access to the Internet. TCP/IP defines the details of how data is sent and received through network adapters, hubs, switches, routers and other network communications hardware.

Sufficient knowledge of TCP/IP is essential and fundamental for a prospective student to understand and address the coursework at Security University.

An applicant to Security University can demonstrate sufficient knowledge of TCP/IP in a variety of ways. Most students provide evidence of work experience where the prospective student has been exposed to and/or utilized TCP/IP in his or her employment. While there is no exact amount of time period of employment with TCP/IP required, the length of employment and the nature of employment are the two primary factors that will be considered (along with any other relevant factors) when determining whether or not sufficient work experience will qualify a student as having sufficient knowledge of TCP/IP. Prospective students may submit other evidence of sufficient knowledge of TCP/IP, including, but not limited to, personal experiences, other coursework and or other circumstances where the prospective student can submit evidence of sufficient knowledge of TCP/IP for consideration for entry into Security University. The President of Security University and/or any board designated by the President shall determine whether or not a student has sufficient knowledge of TCP/IP in order to be admitted into Security University. The primary consideration in such review is whether or not a student has the necessary foundation to succeed in the coursework offered at Security University and prospective students must provide accurate and complete evidence of TCP/IP for such review. All decisions made by the President or any board designated by the President are final.

Tuition & Fees

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Class Schedule

Class scheduled is located on the Schedule page. Or call 203-249-8364

Classroom Attendance Policy

Classroom attendance is expected of all students. An instructor may request any student who exceeds 5% or 2 two hours of absences during a 40 hour course to stay after class to make up the class time. Faculty members include in the course syllabus any attendance policies that will affect student success, including those concerning tardiness and early departures from class.

Grading Policy

PURPOSE: The purpose of Security University’s Proficiency Based Grading is to set forth best practice principles for creating a scoring and reporting system that fairly and accurately reflects student learning. Security University promotes a grading system that: - measures and accurately reflects student proficiency; - uses high quality feedback to support the learning process and encourage student success, and ensures accuracy, consistency and fairness in scoring for each student

STUDENT PROGRESS AND REPORTING Given the week-long course format, student progress and reporting to students shall occur each day on a regular and timely basis. Teachers will ensure timely and effective feedback on all assessments ensuring that feedback on a daily report sheet where students indicate completion of assignments and course work for that day and in addition to providing a grade evaluation, Security University teachers will provide actionable informal feedback to students, both oral and written. Teachers will notify students at any time from the halfway point in a course to the completion of the course if a student is at risk of failing and will work with such student on a plan of action to address issues in the student’s academic performance. Students shall be involved in grading and reporting processes, (e.g., self-assessing). It is expected that teachers will make multiple attempts to intervene with and communicate to students about incomplete and failing work.

GRADING SCALE At the end of each course day, the teacher will review the student’s work for that day as well as assess the student’s feedback and self-assessment on such coursework and then indicate on the student’s Progress Tracking Form a grade for the student’s applicable coursework in one of the following: Exemplary (E), Proficient (P) or Failing (F). Teachers will provide one of those grades based on the following criteria: Proficient - A student receiving a Proficient (P) grade indicates that the student has passed the applicable coursework requirements and has met the learning targets set forth in the coursework for the applicable day. . Exemplary - A student receiving an Exemplary (E) grade indicates that the student has exceeded the applicable coursework requirements and has exceeded the learning targets set forth in the coursework for the applicable day. Students in this course will be graded for their coursework in accordance with Security University’s grading policy which can be found on page ___ and at (link). Failing - A student receiving a Failing (F) grade indicates that the student has not met the applicable coursework requirements and has not met the learning targets set forth in the coursework for the applicable day.

PASSING A COURSE A student must have at least 4 Proficient or Exemplary grades during the week-long course in order to be deemed as passing and receiving Security University’s recognition of satisfactory course completion.

APPEAL OF GRADE A student may appeal a specific grade or a failing course grade in writing to the President of Security University. The student must indicate in such writing whether such student desires the President to hear and decide such matter or for the President to appoint a review board of no less than 3 faculty members (including, the President, if the President so decides) to hear and decide such matter. The written appeal must state the student’s reasons why such grade should be reconsidered to a passing grade and student’s circumstances to support the student’s argument. The written appeal must be supported with appropriate documentation relevant to the student’s arguments and reasoning. The President or the applicable review board will review the student’s appeal and will determine within 14 business days of the date of the receipt of the appeal whether the circumstances and academic status warrant consideration for a change to a passing grade. The student may be asked to appear in person during the review process when deemed necessary by the President or the review board. Upon a decision, the student will be notified by the President both verbally and in writing. Such decision will be final.

Discipline Policy

Disciplinary or criminal activity Due Process The PRESIDENT would refer the case to the local police to handle the initial inquiry if in the case of criminal activity. Any SU related non-criminal activity would focus on the guilt or innocence of the accused who has violated the Code of Conduct. Upon receipt of the allegation, the PRESIDENT will immediately inform the person accused, in writing, of the alleged Code of Conduct violation. Within 15 calendar days an investigation/ inquiry will be completed. All material reviewed will be considered confidential and shared only with those with a need to know. The PRESIDENT may communicate with the person accused and give him or her the opportunity to present any relevant evidence. However, the person accused will not have the right to see any information that violates the privacy rights of other students. The PRESIDENT will dismiss the allegation if the complainant has failed to comply with procedure. The allegations, even if true, do not constitute violation of the Code of Conduct; or there is no evidence of violation of this Code based upon the inquiry conducted by the administrator or designee(s). The complainant and the person accused will be notified of the decision in writing within 40 calendar days of the referral. The person accused may file an appeal Penalties for violations of disciplinary regulations include, but are not limited to: Expulsion: The student is permanently separated from SU. Suspension: The student is separated from SU for a specified period of time. The reporting of any violation of the Code of Conduct becomes a student's disciplinary file. These records will be retained as permanent disciplinary records


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Refund Policy

A prospective or current student may cancel their enrollment at any time and refunded 100% of their course fee. A student may cancel and request a refund any time prior to the first class day and through the last day of class.

Should a prospective or current student request to re-schedule for extenuating or unforeseen circumstances, SU requests the student re-register for the next class date at no additional charge. SU refunds are within 30 days after receipt of a written request or the date the student last attended classes whichever is sooner.

A SU v0upon allows individual corporate clients to attend up to 23 SU instructor led classes over 24 months. A v0upon purchase is limited to SU corporate clients and not available for individuals to purchase at any time. V0upon’s have $0 value after attending the 4th class anytime during the 24 month window. If a corporation cancels a v0upon after student attends 2 two classes they would be refunded the retail class fee purchase difference (e.g. $11,000) less the value of $3,998 two classes. The Platinum Pass ($4,985) or Platinum Plus CISSP Pass ($6,000) has $0 value after attending (any) 3 Platinum Pass classes.

SU reserves the right to cancel class at any time. If this happens, SU will refund the class fee in full. SU University’s liability is limited to the class fee only. SU cannot be held liable for other related expenses, i.e., airfare, airline penalties, lodging, etc.

Student Questions

Students can contact Security Unviersity at 203-249-8364 anytime.

Grievance Policy

Should an student have a conflict with Security University, the first step is to arrange a conference. A student may lodge a complaint either verbally or in writing to the instructor or administrator, outlining the details of the complaint.

Remit the complaint immediately to the President. If an oral complaint is not resolved within a reasonable time period, a complaint may be submitted in writing. Within ten days of receiving a written complaint, the school will provide the student with a written response with a summary of the investigation and the deposition. If the complaint is rejected, supporting documentation for the reasoning behind it will be presented. In no way will the student's rights or remedies be waived. Any document signed waiving these rights is void.

Security University recognizes that any dispute that may arise should be resolved as quickly and as amicably as possible. Accordingly, the following procedures shall apply to the resolution of any dispute:

Student Complaint Process

For cases when a complaint is not settled at the institution’s level it can be sent for further consideration to:
Middle States Commission on Secondary Schools
3624 Market Street, 2 West,
Philadelphia, PA 19104
Main Telephone Number: 267-284-5000
Fax: 610-617-1106 Fax: 215-662-0957