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How to detect the crime, track the criminal, and assemble the evidence.
Finally, a tactical Forensics class that provides everything you need to know to be a Qualified/ Forensic Expert with an online exam at the end of the course with a 90 day practical to validate & prove your forensic skills. Learn everything relating to computer forensics & digital forensics rights. From how to establish a proper chain of custody that is admissible in a court of law to recovering files from intentionally damaged media.

Cyber crime is out performing traditional crime. Qualified/ Forensics Experts are needed by today's companies to determine the root cause of a hacker attack, collect evidence legally admissible in court, and protect corporate assets and reputation.
High-profile cases of corporate malfeasance have elevated electronic evidence discovery as indispensable to your company. A recent law review claims: A lawyer or legal team without a Forensic Expert on their case is sure to lose in today's courtroom!

Learn more about SU's Federation of Q/FE's Qualified/ Forensic Experts & Examiners

Learning Objectives:
Discover the root of how computer crimes are committed.
Learn how to find traces of illegal or illicit activities left on disk with forensics tools and manual techniques.
Learn how to recover data intentionally destroyed or hidden.
How to recover encrypted data.
Steps to collect evidence from hard drives and live systems.
How to recover data from digital cameras and cell phones.
You will create an effective computer crime policy, and gain the hands on skills to implement it.

Class Fee: $3,990
Time: 72 hrs
Learning Level: Entry
Contact Hours: 42 hr Lecture 30 hr labs
Prerequisites: Understanding of TCP/IP Protocols
Credits: 72 CPE / 3 CEU
Method of Delivery: Residential (100% face-to-face) or Hybrid
Instructor: TBD
Method of Evaluation: 95 % attendance 2. 100 % completion of Lab
Grading: Pass = Attendance+ labs & quizzes Fail > 95% Attendance

Sample Job Titles:
Computer Crime Investigator
Incident Handler
Incident Responder
Incident Response Analyst
Incident Response Coordinator
Intrusion Analyst
Computer Forensic Analyst
Computer Network Defense Forensic Analyst
Digital Forensic Examiner
Digital Media Collector
Forensic Analyst
Forensic Analyst (Cryptologic)
Forensic Technician
Network Forensic Examiner

This 72 hour accelerated class is taught using face to face modality or hybrid modality. Class includes 72 hours of contact studies, labs, reading assignments and final exam - passing the final exam is a requirement for graduation.

Text Materials: labs, QFE Investigation Materials, resource CD’s and threat vector and investigation attack handouts. Machines a Dual Core 4M Ram, 350 Gig drives, running MS OS, linux, and VMWare Workstation
Whois, Google Hacking, Nslookup, Sam Spade, Traceroute, NMap, HTTrack, Superscan, Nessus, PSTool, Nbtstat, Solarwinds, Netcat, John the ripper, Nikto/Wikto, Web Scarab, HTTP Tunnel (hts.exe), LCP , Cain and Abel, Ettercap system hacking, John the Ripper Wireshark  sniffers, TCP dump, D sniff, tcpdump, Metasploit, ISS exploit, web app,Core Impact, Snort, Infostego, Etherape, Firefox with plugins (Hackbar, XSSme...), ebgoat, X Wget, Cyrpto tool, 'Curl',  Access Data,

Who Should Attend: Information Security Officers, Information Systems Managers, Telecommunications and Network Administrators, Consultants, Systems and Data Security Analysts, and others concerned with enhanced information security.

KU Outcomes:

Learning Objectives: