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Security University Qualified Professional Program Rules of Use

You must read, agree with and accept all of the policies below (the " Rules ") before you may participate in the Security University Qualified Professional programs. "You" or "you" means the professional attending class(es) at Security University or our partners, your participating during classes, including but not limited to the hands-on labs, workshops & exams. And you have the authority to agree to these Rules for yourself or for your company. By clicking "I accept" below, you accept and acknowledge the following:

Qualified Professional Use

Qualified Programs from Security University provide the only "security skills validation" or security skills benchmarks" for tactical hands-on security skills in the world. Security University validates you learned the tactical security skills and knowledge from Security University classes. The on-line exams validate your security skills knowledge base and is governed by Qualified Professional Terms and Conditions for engaging in Security Skills training you have already entered into when you registered for class. (see" Security Skills Training Terms and Conditions "). Your SST Terms and Conditions and any other written agreements with Security University will take precedence over these Rules if the Rules conflict with the SST Terms and Conditions or such other written agreements.


The Qualified Professionals Program
Being a Qualified Professional is a non-exclusive, non degree program from Security University a Institute of Higher Education from the State of Virginia. The SU Qualified Professional Security Skills Training and these Rules do not empower either you or Security University to obligate, bind or act on behalf of the other in any way and do not create a joint venture, employment relationship, partnership, or other business entity of any kind. You: (i) are responsible for your acts and omissions; (ii) must not violate any Security University policies, Security University SST terms and conditions, applicable laws or regulations; (iii) must not practice any illegal, unethical, deceptive, false or misleading practices with regard to your participation as a Security University Qualified Professional ; and (iv) must obtain all consents, authorizations and permits required for you to perform under and related to these Rules, including without limitation to act on behalf of and bind to these Rules, any third party to whom you provide Qualified Professional Security Skills related services. Nothing in these Rules grants any implied rights to you. Security University retains all of its right, title and interest in and to all of its intellectual property.

Performing as a Qualified Professional.
You must perform under these Rules and demonstrate behavior worthy of a Security University Qualified Professional in a professional, responsive and workman like manner consistent with reasonable industry standards and in accordance with these Rules. To the extent any other security skills, programs, materials or tools ( tools, marketing collateral, testing programs or logos) are supplied by SU and you choose to use them, you must use them only consistent with these Rules and any additional terms supplied by SU for those features. You are responsible for providing qualified tactical security services to your customers consistent with your Terms and Conditions. You agree and must notify your customers that you are not employed, endorsed or approved by, or a contractor of, Security University . PARTICIPATING IN THE SECURITY UNIVERSITY QUALIFIED PROFESSIONAL PROGRAM IS A PRIVILEGE THAT MAY BE REVOKED BY SECURITY UNIVERSITY AT ANY TIME FOR ANY OR NO REASON.

Brand Usage
Security University Qualified Professionals. Subject to these Rules, you may identify yourself as a Security University Qualified Professional based on your Quailified Program ( Q/ISP, Q/AP, Q/WAD, Q/ISM, Q/IAM) on your signature, website and in your marketing materials.

Security University Qualified Professionals.
If you become a Qualified Professional, Security University grants you, subject to these Rules, a non-exclusive, non-transferable, non-sublicense able license to use the SU Qualified Professional Logos made available to you by Security University solely on your signature, website and in your marketing materials and solely according to the Security University Qualified Professional brand use guidelines. You may not display the SU Qualified Professional Logo in connection with any other programs that are not supported by Security University.

All Brand Feature use.
Except as expressly set forth above, neither these Rules nor the Security University Qualified Professionals program grant you any rights to Security University Qualified Professional Brand Features (defined below). Security University may withdraw any license to the logo, the ability to identify yourself as a Qualified Professional or any other Security University Brand Features, at any time for any or no reason. You may not alter Brand Features in any way at any time (for example, changing color or size) without Security University 's prior written permission. You may not display Brand Features on, or associate Brand Features with, any adult or illegal content.

Security University may cancel or modify these Rules or the Security University Qualified Professional program at any time for any or no reason. Your participation in the Security University Qualified Professional program is voluntary and signifies your agreement with these Rules, but you may stop using any or all of the features, materials or tools of the Security University Qualified Professional program at any time. Termination or expiration of the Rules will If Security University Qualified Professional Program cancels these Rules or the Security University Qualified Professional program expires or terminates, you must cease to participate as a Security University Qualified Professional and cease using any Brand Features.

The Legal Disclaimers
Security University, ITS LICENSORS AND SUPPLIERS MAKE NO, AND DISCLAIM ALL, WARRANTIES, EXPRESS OR IMPLIED, INCLUDING WITHOUT LIMITATION WITH RESPECT TO THESE RULES/ DISCLAIM THE WARRANTIES OR CONDITIONS OF NONINFRINGEMENT, MERCHANTABILITY AND FITNESS FOR ANY PARTICULAR PURPOSE. You shall defend, settle and hold Security University, its agents, affiliates, and licensors harmless from any third party claim or liability (including without limitation reasonable legal fees) arising out of: (i) your use of the Security University Professional program; (ii) your use of Security University Brand Features in a manner inconsistent with the Rules or Security University written instructions; (iii) an alleged breach by you of these Rules; and (iv) any claims by your customers in connection with the Qualified program.