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SU CyberSecurity Certifications and Certificates of Mastery CoM

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"students enrolling in a course need to have a sufficient background to be able to take the course."  You should understand TCP/IP by demonstrating 1 year of experience to your SU advisor.

SU Certificates of Mastery Q/ISP, Q/IAP, Q/WP, Q/SSE, Q/CND Designation programs are stacked courses for optimal cybersecurity education dominance to meet your cybersecurity professional and vocational objectives. MSA- CESS Accredited. Each SU class in a CoM program runs 1 week, 5 days of intense hands-on performance based labs and skills that lead to high wage, in demand cyber security careers.

In 2006 SU courses are NSA CNSS 4011, 4012, 4013A, 4015, 4016A Approved. All SU classes are instructor led 5 day class format. (unless otherwise specified in syllabus)

SU Q/ISP, Q/IAP, Q/SEE, Q/WP highly qualified "Certificates of Mastery" Designations include a Security+, CASP or CISSP industry recognized certifications + 40-80 CPE's.

To earn a Qualified and Validated Q/ISP (Qualified/ Information Security Professional) Cybersecurity Certificate of Mastery CoM Designation or Q/IAP Certificate of Mastery Designation, a student must pass all exams and complete the required practical’s after class on your own - not as independant study. Student's can challenge a SUT exam without attending a training class. Practicals are required for CoM designation’s. eStudy resources are SU's online quizzes learning aid.

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SU Q/ISP® Qualified/ Information Security Professional Certificate of Mastery CoM / non degree (6 classes + 3 Practical’s ) Exam/320 hrs Cost
Q/SA® Qualified/ Security Analyst Penetration Testing Certification 50hrs + Practical $2,995
Q/PTL® Qualified/ Penetration Tester License 30 hrs + Practical $2,995
Q/EH® Qualified/ Ethical Hacker Certification 40 hrs $2,995
Q/ND® Qualified/ Network Defender Certification 40 hrs + Practical $2,995
Q/FE® Qualified/ Forensic Expert Certification 40 hrs + Practical
SU Q/IAP® Quailifed /Information Assurance Professional Certificate of Mastery CoM + Security+ CASP or CISSP 2 practical's Exam/240 hrs
Q/AAP® Qualified/ Access, Authentication, PKI Professional Certification 40 hrs + Practical $2,995
Q/NSP SOA® Qualified/ Network Security Policy Administrator & SOA Security Oriented Architect Certification Class 40hrs $2,995
Q/AA RMF ® Qualified/ Authorization & Accreditation Certification Class Certificate of Mastery CoM 40 hrs + Practical $2,995
DoD Information Tech Security Cert / Accreditation Process DITSCAP 40 hrs $2,995
CISSP®, SSCP & CompTIA® Security+
SU CISSP® ISC2® Certified Information Security Systems Professional Certification Class 40 hrs $2,995
SSCP® Systems Security Certified Practitioner 40 hrs $2,995
ISSEP® ISC2® Information Security Systems Engineer Professional Certification Classs 40 hrs $2,995
SU CISA®Certified Information Security Auditor Certification Class 40 hrs $2,995
SU CISM® Certified Information Security Manager Certification Class 40 hrs $2,995
CompTIA® Security+ 40 hrs $2,995
CompTIA® CASP CompTIA Advanced  Security Practitioner 40 hrs $2,995
SU Q/WP® Qualified Wireless Professional Certificate of Mastery CoM non degree (3 Q/WP® + Security+®, CASP®) Exam/200 hrs 2 Practical
Q/ WP™ Qualified/ Wireless Professional Certification Q/WP exam 40 hrs $2,495
Q/WSPâ„¢ Qualified/ Wireless Security Professional Certification  Exam 40
Q/WAD® Qualified/ Wireless Analyst & Defender Certification Exam 40hrs +Practical $3,490
 ®/Bootcamp Class (CWNA™/ CWSP™ exam not incl) Qualified Wireless / Qualified Wireless Security Professional Certification Class $3,490
~SU Security+® CompTIA Certification Class $2,995
ISO 27001 ISMS Lead Auditor
Certified ISO 27001 ISMS® Lead Auditor Certification Class 40 hrs $2,995
Certified ISO 27001 ISMS® Lead Implementation Course 40 hrs $2,995
SU Q/SSE® Qualified/ Software Security Expert Certification Certificate of Mastery  CoM nondegree (9 Q/SSE classes + Security+, CASP) 3 practical's Exam/400 hrs
Q/SSE® Qualified/ SW Security Expert 5-Day Bootcamp 40 hrs + Practical $2,995
Q/SSPT® Qualified/ SW Security Penetration Tester 40 hrs + Practical $2,995
Q/ST® Qualified/ Software Testing Bootcamp 40 hrs $2,995
How to Break & FIX Web Security 40 hrs $2,995
How to Break & FIX Software Security 40 hrs $2,995
Fundamentals of Secure Software Programming 40 hrs $2,995
Q/SSH® Qualified/ SW Security Hacker/ Defender 40 hrs $2,995
Q/STBP® Qualified/ SW Security Tester Best Practices40 hrs + Practical $2,995
Introduction to Reverse Engineering 40 hrs $2,995
Qualified/ Computer Security Awareness Training
Qualified/ Internet Security Awareness Training and Compliance for MGT $1,995
Qualified/ Security Awareness Training $1,995
Qualified/ Security Hacking Certificate for Managers $1,195
Q/CDA®  Qualified/ Cyber Defense Analysis Certificate of Mastery CoM ( 5 Q/CDA classes + Security+®, CASP® or CISSP®)   Exam/310 hrs  
Q/MC® Qualified/ Mission Critical Certification Class 40 hrs $2,995
Linux Unix Security 40 hrs + Practical $2,995
Catching the Hackers - Introduction to Intrusion Detection Systems 40 hrs $2,995
Catching The Hackers II: Systems to Defend Networks 40 hrs + Practical $2,995
IDS III: On-site Log Analysis, Event Correlation and Response (Custom) Certification Class $2,995
Q/CND® Qualified/ Cyber Network Defense (Custom) Certification Class $2,995

Security University Testing (SUT) owns the Q/ISP® Exam and Q/EH®, Q/SA®, Q/FE®, & Q/ND® micro credential exams. SUT Q/ISP®, Q/IAP®, Q/WP®, Q/SSE®, Q/CND® CoM exams and micro credential certification exams are provided by TESTRAC high-stakes testing on site.

CISSP® is a registered trademark of (ISC)2® SU CISSP Training classes are not endorsed or sponsored by (ISC)2® CEH® CHFI® are EC Council registered trademarks SU CWNA / CWSP Training classes are not endorsed or sponsored by CWNP®

ISC2, CompTIA, ISACA, EC- Council, or other Trademarks used on the class names are not endorsed by the trademark owner. They are used for descriptive purposes only as a trademark title trade name from that organization.

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